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Ekbatan carpet company has been producing any machine-made carpet products in common and special sizes, in order to meet the customer's needs.
All of our products have been produced by high quality raw material and under exact quality control of ISIRI (Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran). Our products by new, beauty and attractive designs are being sold in domestic and international markets which help to improve worth of carpet industry and also have positive effect on non-oil export of Iran.

Qualitative characteristics, performance characteristics or safety of the product, which is determined according to the specific criteria according to the economic and technological conditions of the country and the latest information and technical achievements. After being approved by the National Committees, it is called the National Standard.
The company is proud to have the national standard of Iran and adheres to it.

Ekbatan Carpet Co., by creating partnerships at the level of Germany and other countries of the world, has tried to make organizations safer, more extensive use of specialized capabilities and also expanded services internationally.
Due to the operating range of famous organizations in Germany, the name Nord (meaning the north) is located on this new group and the TÜV NORD group is formed in the present form. Obviously, the TÜV NORD group has been operating at the legal and managerial level, and the services of this group are provided at operating levels around the world under the name and logo of TÜV NORD.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) aims to integrate standardization around the world in facilitating international trade in producer and consumer protection and the development of technological and technological collaborations.
Ekbatan carpet is one of the companies that establishes all its standards according to this international organization.


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